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Form and Function Stunningly Intertwined


You can have it all! The durability, speed and lightweight design required by Special Forces, with the badass-look that has your friends dreaming about your UTV. RP Advanced Mobile Systems custom designs, develops and upfits a family of fast response, lightweight, sexy side-by-sides. Desert, snow or mountainous terrain … Tell us what you need from your SXS and we’ll customize to fit.

Vehicles built for combat


Each and every part of your RPAMS SXS is built to stand up to the demands of a combat situation. Built for combat, tough enough for every day life.

Purpose is key with RPAMS vehicles


From how we customize your UTV to the design of each of our tires … The purpose of what we’re creating is where we start and end.

RPAMS extreme customization for all vehicles built


You’ll barely recognize the Can-Am UTV we started with. We strip it down and build it back up to be the perfect SXS for you.

Download our brochures, dive into a world of UTV possibility!