We Build Leading-Edge All-Terrain Side-by-Side Kits Designed for the Military, Law Enforcement, Commercial Security & the Outdoor Adventurer

RP SOF Off-Road All-Terrain Vehicles for Sale

RPAMS primary vehicle lineup: RP Strike-C, RP Strike-M, and Strike-X.
Vehicles are available as two or four seat models.

RP Advanced Mobile Systems (RPAMS) mission is to design, develop, and manufacture advanced mobility systems for the extreme outdoorsman and government assets. Whether your primary goal is hunting and recreating in austere off-road conditions, law enforcement, commercial security, or military defense. RPAMS can get you there safely and more efficiently by accessorizing your OEM side-by-side (SXS) UTV and ATV platform with the most advanced patented bolt-on vehicle upfit systems.

Off-The-Grid | Mobile Command & Control

Our capabilities extend to extreme recreational and government applications. It is of the utmost importance for our company to reflect excellence in all our innovative vehicle systems.

Our systems provide incredible adaptability and flexibility for surveillance and site protection. Most importantly, our vehicle military kits are designed to ensure that the U.S. Special Forces, local Law Enforcement, and Federal Agencies possess the speed and agility necessary to engage and overcome today's complex mobility challenges.

RP Strike-C and Strike-C2 Can-Am Commander, RP Strike-M Can-Am Maverick; Strike-Defender Can-Am Defender, and Strike-X Can-Am X3 provide the most versatile side-by-side lightweight vehicles for accomplishing critical functions in support of the conventional military, commercial security, search and rescue, aid relief, U.S. Special Forces, and law enforcement.

RP Advanced Mobile System Capabilities (vídeo español, vídeo português).

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