Light-weight. Efficient. Tough. The RP C2™ Unit is specifically designed and engineered for emergency response operations. Quickly respond to events in the most austere terrain — for emergency mobility operations, remote communications tasks or mobile logistics response.

RP C2 Command & Control | Stealth Missions & Air Drop Ready 

RP C2 Standard Configuration

  • RP Powdercoat, matte black
  • Tactical assault push bumper with strut integrated payload track system and aerial transport tie-downs
  • ITP Delta steel wheels, matte black
  • RP SOF Series II 12-PLY run-flat tires, 26x9x12
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery for extended 12VDC capability
  • Emergency lithium power pack
  • RP fatigue mitigation tactical seat system
  • RP soft roof, MOLLE

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