Performance & High-Performance SXS/UTV Shock Absorber Upgrades

High-Performance Suspension Upgrades from the Leaders in Powersports Shock Absorbers by Elka Suspension

Elka Suspension Stage 3 UTV Performance Shock Absorber


Elka’s most popular model to improve the handling and increase the capabilities of the vehicle for recreational and intensive applications.

  • Allows the operator to carry more speed over rough terrain and bumps
  • Helps increase stability, traction and protection against impacts
  • Reduces excessive weight transfers such as body roll during cornering, diving when braking hard and squatting under hard acceleration

Elka Suspension Stage 4 UTV High-Performance Shock Absorber


High-Performance shock absorbers that provide Elka’s latest technology and simplicity of use for very intensive applications.

  • Allows the operator good control and adjustability over key damping parameters without too much complexity
  • Better protection against harsh square-edged impacts and potholes
  • Further increased traction in all conditions for maximum maneuverability

Elka Suspension Stage 5 UTV High-Performance Shock Absorber


The ultimate race-level high-performance shocks absorbers that provide total control over all damping aspects to achieve maximum speed and optimal handling.

  • Allows the operator precise fine-tuning of all parameters of the suspension, without the need to compromise
  • Provides optimal damping characteristics regardless of the terrain conditions or obstacles encountered
  • Ideal choice for extreme applications where performance and adaptability are critical to overcome the challenges and execute your mission

Elka Shock Absorber Comparison Chart

Technical Features Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Lightweight Aluminum Platform
Ultra-Lightweight Design
Low-Friction Internals
Hard-Anodized Parts
Triple Sealing System
Proprietary Oil Blend
High-Flow Technology
Internal High-Speed Blow-Off Circuit  
Dual-Flow Regulation    
Adjustment Controls Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Threaded Spring Preload
Threaded Spring Preload
with Adjustable Crossover Lockrings
Rebound Damping  
Low-Speed Compression
High-Speed Compression    
Available Configurations Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
36mm (1-3/8") body, front/rear, sold as a pair
46mm (2") body, front/rear, sold as a pair
56mm (2-1/2") body, front/rear, sold as a pair    

Side by Side Utility Vehicle Performance
& High-Performance Shock Absorbers