LTATV Teryx/Mule Support Units

LTATV-2 & Strike-K Mobile Emergency Response Unit

LTATV-2 & Strike-K Mobile Emergency Response Unit
Suspension (passive) RP Black Series-Fully Tunable Shocks with Rebound
Suspension (SI) Call
Area Domination Control Module Call
Ride Fatigue Mitigation Seats RP MOLLE Tactical Hi-back Seats Tan Vinyl or Cloth
RP SOF Series 1 and 2 Hi Load Tires with Run Flat Capability and Bead Lip Protection (black or tan)
12 or 14 inch
Ultimate Series Beadlock
Diablo Series Beadlock
Signature Reduction Hard Exterior Coating with Hydrographic Camouflage Application
DC Power Extender RP Exclusive Power Management System for Extended Accessory Utilization-Call
Keyless Ignition RP Military Keyless System-Weatherproof and Designed for Extreme Conditions
NVG Various IR LED/HID/Lens Capabilities for Supplemental NVG Operations
Tactical Seat Harness 4-Point Quick Release Inertia System with Self-Cleaning Reels
Strike-K Mobile Emergency Response Unit
Forward Cargo Articulating cargo rack with lateral MEDEVAC litter carriage
Multi-Modal Rear Stowage Bins Multiple stowage units for emergency supplies, fuel, payload
Upper Skate Ring 270 degree rail system for installation of surveillance, optics suites and/or weapons mount
Ride Fatigue Mitigation Seats 3 Pax RP MOLLE Bench Seat System with Rear Articulation to Extend Cargo Bed Forward
Tire/Wheel Upgrade RP Tan/Black SOF Series 1 Run-Flat tires on Delta Steel Wheels
12VDC Upgrade RP AGMS Lithium Supplemental Power Pack for Accessory power and Vehicle Recovery

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