SXS Emergency Response and
Logistics Support Units

RP C2® (Command & Control)

RP C2™ Command & Control Unit

RP C2 was designed and engineered specifically for Command and Control (C2) and Emergency Event Response operations. This light-weight vehicle can be transported and deployed quickly in austere terrain for emergency mobility operations, remote communications tasks or mobile logistics response.

RP Arctic Emergency Response Unit with Tracks

Arctic Emergency Response Unit

The Arctic ERV unit is a highly innovative SXS UTV designed to take on the rigors of extreme arctic climes. This mobile emergency response system comes fully capable of operations in sub-zero climes and includes a heated multi-modal cab enclosure that provides a functional cockpit for multiple mission profiles and includes the ability to operate with tracks or tires/wheels.

RP FireStrike-TR™ 4x6 Commander

FireStrike-TR™ Tactical Response Unit

The FireStrike-TR™ variant Can-Am Commander is a superb balance of water capacity, fire suppression, power and mobility. With all the upfits this is a vehicle that will not be denied access in the most austere fire afflicted environments, carrying maximum equipage for quick fire response.

RP Strike-C4 AF Logistics Support Unit | P/N: RPC4-1K-AF

Strike-C4™ AF Logistics Support Unit

The Strike-C4™ AF is equipped with a multitude of modular components that eliminate the need for conventional support vehicles. From run-flat tires to a multi-functional 1,000+ lb. flatbed assembly the Strike C4-AF can fully handle any requirement thrown its way.
P/N: RPC4-1K-AF.

RP Strike-C4™-4x6 Ultra Light Support Unit

Strike-C4™ 4x6 Ultralight Support Unit

The RP Strike-C 4x6 is the standard configured Strike-C vehicle with the 4x6 optional TAG Axle Extension included. The 4x6 extension is a removable, fully suspended dual TAG axle system that allows for significant loads, high speed stability and dexterity in extreme conditions. The capabilities of a 6x6 while retaining the flexibility of a 4x4 when detached.

RP Strike-C4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPCOM-1K-ESSU

RP Strike-C4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPCOM-1K-ESSU

RP Strike-M4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPMAV-1000-ESVSV

RP Strike-M4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPMAV-1000-ESVSV

All-Hazard Response Support Vehicle (Includes: Roof & Windshield)  | P/N RP-AHZR4

All-Hazard Response Support Vehicle (Includes: Roof & Windshield) | P/N RP-AHZR4

Emergency Services Evacuation & Support Units

The Strike-C4™ and Strike-M4™ Emergency Services Support Units are highly versatile SXS UTV’s designed for rapid respond to emergency tasks, whether in first response or critical support roles. These high-performance mobile emergency response systems come fully capable of operations in most global austere conditions. The multi-modal design allows for versatile configurations to include tracked, MEDEVAC, arctic, fire/SAR and many more mission profiles.


Strike-M4™ MEDEVAC

The Strike-M4™ equipped with the RP Strike-Litter Rail system eliminates the need for conventional MEDEVAC capable support vehicles. The rail system provides a rapid and flexible means of restraining casualty litters during movement without compromising the ability to maneuver.

SXS Emergency Response and Logistics Support Units

(Note: All vehicle images are intended as a representation only, and may not be accurate. Please refer to the listed options for actual vehicle components.)

Standard Configuration

  • MEDEVAC Support Litter Rail System (M4 Longitudinal, C/M Lateral)
  • Reinforced Push Bumper/Payload Track System
  • Aerial Transport Tie-Downs
  • RP Powdercoat, Matte Black
  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Seat System
  • RP SOF Series II, III or IV 12-PLY Run-Flat Tires*
  • Emergency Lithium Power Pack

Optional Equipment

  • Upgraded Power Systems
  • Rear Multi-Modal Bed
  • QTAC Firefighting Skid
    • Water/Foam
    • Folding Litter Platform
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Additional 12VDC Outlets
  • Antenna Mounts

Troop Logistics Support Optional Equipment

  • Multiple Configurations Include
    • Apache 360 Tracks
    • Extreme Environmental Cab Enclosure (C/M only)

*Series III not available for C/C4.