Strike-C™ and Strike-C4™ variant

The Strike-C™ and Strike-C4™ variant Commander are lightweight multi-purpose highly mobile vehicles. Designed and outfitted to meet the strict standards of tactical and security responsiveness.

The undercarriage stowage, multi-modal cargo packs, aerial restraint tracks and extensive use of MOLLE makes the Strike-C an expedient workhorse. Items like a 4,000-pound WARN winch, folding team standoff rock sliders, reinforced push bumpers and rear dual deck bed add to this vehicle’s utility background, while its upgraded shocks, front swaybar and run-flat tires give a nod to their military/police heritage. These are true tac-utility crossover vehicles and their minimal profiles allow for quick aerial transport and deployment.

RP StrikeC Moving Uphill


  • RP Super Grit Coating
  • Multi-Modal Payload Flatbed Assembly
  • Multi-Modal Tailgate and Track System
  • Assault Push Bumper
  • Rear Push Bumper
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • Steel Wheels
  • RP SOF Series II 12-PLY Run-Flat Tires
  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Tactical Seats
  • RP MOLLE Soft Top Roof Panel
  • RP Strike-C4: RP Fatigue Mitigation Tactical Rear Folding Seats
  • Team Standoff Nerf Bars
  • RP Modular Ammo/Fuel Can/Payload Assembly
  • MSI Defense Series 2.5” Piggyback Passive Shaft Adjustable Compression Shocks

Download the RP Strike-C, RP C2 and RP Strike-C4 flyer for additional information and options available.

StrikeC Side View with Gun StrikeC Power Slide