RPAMS FireStrike-TR™
Fire Response Vehicles

The FireStrike-TR™ Fire Response Unit is a variant of the
Can-Am Commander SXS vehicle powered by the
ROTAX 1000cc engine

FireStrike Fire Response Can-AM Commander

RP FireStrike-TR, 4x6 with QMS Skid P/N RP1K-COM-FS4X6
(Image above is not representative of unit.)

Rear Open Differential system

The FS-TR comes in 2 or 4 seat variants and is available with a driver selectable RODS (Rear Open Differential) system to provide a level of maneuverability, quick-response and roadworthiness never seen before in this category of UTV mobility systems. RODS allows for this vehicle to be driven on improved roadways for minimized response time and environmental dexterity. Each rear wheel senses torque (as in tight turns) and adjusts rotational speeds much like an automobile. It is the only off-road UTV with this innovative driveline feature and significantly improves handling unlike posi track rear end systems on all other UTV/ATV vehicles.

Standard with RP SOF Series Run-Flat Tires

FireStrike TR with SOF Tires

The FS-TR comes standard with the exclusive RP Special Operations Forces (SOF) Series Run-Flat tires (the only certified stand-alone military LTATV/ATV run-flat tire). This tire allows travel in heavily wooded, rocky and austere conditions and will deflect penetration and if penetrated, the RP SOF Series II is designed to continue operations at GVW for 50 miles at 40mph. Add the all metal external bed cargo system and multiple modular containment devices and you have a vehicle that will not be denied access in the most austere fire afflicted environments carrying maximum equipage for fire response.

The Strike Series: Fire Response Vehicles also Incorporate the Latest In Certified Modular Firefighting Skid Capabilities:

  • 85-gallon welded-copolymer tank
  • 132 GPM 6 HP gas-engine pump
  • High-pressure pump
  • Brass bulls-eye nozzle
  • Brass shut-off valve
  • Lifting handles
  • Copolymer hose rack
  • 50-feet of 3/4" hose
  • 3/4" drain
  • Lid vent
  • Drafting capabilities
  • Premium components
  • Self-priming
  • 2" pump
  • Max output: 132GPM @ 1 PSI
  • Max pressure: 127 PSI
  • Pressure with 10GPM nozzle: 124 PSI
  • Pressure with 50GPM nozzle: 100 PSI
FS_TR Firefighting System

The FireStrike unit strikes a superb balance of water capacity, fire suppression power, and mobility. With the ability to draft out of an auxiliary water source like a pool or creek. The FS-TR is a highly capable piece of mobilized firefighting equipment.

Although the FS-TR has a highly effective suppression power when needed, it can be readily choked down for extended post-fire mop-up work. A brass bulls-eye nozzle and shut-off valve comes standard on the FS-TR. This combination provides a diverse range of spray patterns, from a fine mist for controlling the edge of a prescribed burn, to an open-bore stream that can reach over 55-feet in length to attack a fire directly. With the optional high-out Scotty Pincher nozzle on a 1-inch flat-lay hose, the FS-TR can also produce a water stream nearly 100 feet in length.

The firefighting skid is light enough for two people to easily lift it into the back of a Commander and/or Maverick SXS. The RPAMS FS-TR tactical rail restraint system allows the skid to be strapped into place in the bed. In addition, with minor configuration change, FS-TR has the ability to apply Foam A retardant to combat aircraft and vehicle fires.

If you’re looking for a piece of personal firefighting equipment that is a great combination of lightweight, simplicity, and exceptional pumping power, the FireStrike-TR is the firefighting system for you.