Next Generation Lightweight Tactical Ground Vehicles with Advanced Capabilities for Military,
Law Enforcement and the
Extreme Sportsman

Recognizing the unique mission criteria of today's mobilized warriors, law enforcement, and the extreme sportsman, RP Advanced Mobile Systems (RPAMS) aggressively continues to develop the next generation of advanced Side-by-Side Light Tactical Vehicles (SXS LTV), UTV and ATVs with Strike Upfit Kit system upgrades. To ensure that security forces and outdoorsmen possess the speed, force response and agility necessary to successfully, engage and overcome today's challenges.

RPAM's Offers Numerous Tactical Capabilities:

  • Can-Am Commander, Maverick, Defender and Outlander Upfit Kits
  • RP C2 (Command and Control) Vehicles
  • Articulating Roll Cage Systems (patent pending), allows transportation via CV/MV-22 or CH-47 with “Fast Rope” Installation
  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Seat System with Integrated MOLLE
  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Hydration Pack Seat System
  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Rear Folding Restraint System
  • Retractable and 4-Point Seat Harnesses
  • MOLLE Integrated Roof Panels
  • Roll Cage Handles
  • Rear Bed Slide-Rail System For Litter Transport (patent pending)
  • Cargo Carriage Forward and AFT
  • Tactical Standoff Nerfs
  • Modular Equipment Integration Systems
  • LED Lights and LED Light Bars
  • Night Vision Supplemental IR Lighting
  • Selectable Blackout Lighting
  • 12-Volt DC Primary Electrical System with 24-Volt DC Accessory Outlets (Military)
  • 110VAC Outlet Capability
  • Keyless Ignitions
  • UHMW Skid Plates
  • Underbody Protection
  • MSI Shaft Adjustable Compression Shocks
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • RP SOF Series I, II, III and IV Run-Flat All-Terrain Tires
  • RP SOF Spartan All-Terrain Tires
  • RP Delta FX Dune/Desert Tires
  • Raceline & Method Wheels
  • Weapons Integration (UAV, Universal Swingarm, Gun Mounts)
  • Powerful Dual Position Electric Winches
  • RP Power Bank Jump Starter

Strike M Maverick