Loadmasters Surveillance Course

Loadmasters Surveillance Course

Loadmasters Surveillance Course

RP-C2-Nightstalker Unload

RP-C2-Nightstalker Unload

RP-C2-Nightstalker Loaded

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Recommended Cargo Load Control Oversight Course

A Northwest UAV Specialty Skills Course - Not Offered by RPAMS

Loadmasters Surveillance Course

Commercial Aircraft Cargo Loadmasters perform critical calculations and plans the cargo and supernumerary occupancy placement to keep the aircraft within center of gravity limits throughout the flight.

Loadmasters also ensure cargo is placed on the aircraft in such a way as to prevent overloading sensitive sections of the airframe and Unit Load Device (ULD).  Considerations are given to civilian and military regulations which may prohibit the placement of one type of cargo in proximity to another. Unusual, high density and oversized cargo may require special considerations to be safely loaded aboard the aircraft, limiting the amount and where the cargo may be effectively placed. Tactically, commercial loadmasters directly support combat readiness as they are also responsible for determining the proper load order of aircraft content so that more tactically important material (e.g. munitions, vehicles, supplies) are off-loaded and therefore ready to deploy faster than other supportive supplies; this task being particularly essential in supporting forward operating bases.

Loadmasters primarily supervise loading crews and procedures.  Once positioned aboard the aircraft, the loadmaster makes sure that their payload is properly secured, as an unexpected shift of the load can produce serious handling and eventual structural problems for the aircraft.  Their responsibilities are directly connected to the safe operation of the aircraft and the successful delivery of their cargo.

Loadmasters Surveillance Course

As such, their oversight by the responsible regulating authority and their respective air carrier are critical in ensuring that Loadmasters remain vigilant, competent and qualified.

This unique and exclusive training course is designed primarily to the Loadmaster supervisor, QA auditor and Oversight Inspector tasked to monitor loadmaster functions and aircraft equipment used to transport high density cargo.

This three day course is highly recommended for air cargo operators that transport RPAMS vehicles as well as other high density rolling stock payloads. It is conducted by NWUAV (Northwest UAV), an ISO 9001 certified government contractor staffed by highly experienced aviation engineers, technicians and pilots possessing years of fielded military and commercial cargo transport.  This very dynamic and tactile (hands on) training comprises only 50% of classroom time, the remaining covering various restraint systems, identifying common mistakes, proper equipment airworthiness and surveillance oversight procedures.

Learn the theories and principles of high density weight
and balance load control.

An all-encompassing course for newcomers to the field of cargo load control oversight.

Course details

Available as: Classroom & ‘Hands-On’ course
Duration: 3 days (24 hours)
Recommended level: Professional and Management
Prerequisites: Participants should be knowledgeable in air carrier operations and cargo facilities

What you will learn

  • Understand the basic principles of flight related to aircraft weight and balance load control
  • Become familiar with terms and processes used in the field
  • Understand and identify the various cargo restraint components of the aircraft and ULD
  • Understand the unique requirements for load restraint using supplemental restraint equipage
  • Construct load profile and understand its capabilities (identify pitfalls)
  • Become familiar with the design of commercial aircraft cargo systems (limitations)
  • Review transport category heavy lift cargo loading manuals

Who should attend

  • Airline and military ground service provider staff supporting heavy lift operations
  • Regulatory oversight inspectors
  • Ground handling agents & supervisors
  • Future load controllers
  • Ramp and loading supervisors

For additional information and class schedule, please email info@rpmobilewarfighter.com

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