From fire response, to emergency rescue, to asset recovery – in those critical situations you need a vehicle you and your team can depend on. A vehicle that will see you through your high consequence mission and get the job done. That’s why at RP Advanced Mobile Systems we work directly with you to design the UTV that fits your mobile mission, your team configuration, and helps you deflate your obstacles.

Most of our emergency response and logistics support vehicles have a few, noteworthy features in common:
  • RP super grit texture coating
  • RP MEDEVAC support litter rail system
  • RP SOF Series II 12-PLY run-flat tires
  • RP fatigue mitigation tactical memory foam seat system
  • RP tactical assault front bumper with strut and track assembly
  • RP heavy duty multi-module tailgate system
  • RP portable power bank 12VDC & 24VDC jump starters

 Following Export Compliance

As a company with “dual use” products (commercial application or military use), RP Advanced Mobile Systems is governed by two sets of regulations – the Department of State (ITAR) and the Department of Commerce (EAR). In accordance with these regulations, you may have to fulfill a few requirements before purchase. Find Out More…