RPAMS systems include advanced solutions for Ground Mobility Vehicles (GMV) vehicles of all types:

  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

  • Side by Side LTV(SxS LTV)

  • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Laser Sinter Systems

We excel in innovative designs and focus on several areas of expertise including:

  • Light Armor Application

  • Suspension Design

  • Chassis Reinforcement

  • Power plant Enhancements

Our Capabilities Provide Turn-Key Solutions for Light Tactical Off-Road Vehicle Design Requirements

RPAMS is a small business that designs and builds ATV protection and performance systems. We pride ourselves on our turn-key solutions for all off-road vehicle design requirements.

Our manufacturing services include:

  • Laser-Sinter Systems that manufacture lightweight products of any complexity from polyamide or polystyrene materials directly from CAD data
  • Full fabrication and welding
  • Variety of Vertical Mill CNC machine centers and lathes

These capabilities are fixed within several fully equipped and secure facilities. RPAMS’s policy is to use suppliers within the United States which promotes job creation and strengthens our supplier base.