THE RP SOF (Special Operation Forces) SERIES 1 and 2 HIGH LOAD RUN-FLAT Capable Tactical OFFROAD TIRES

Commander with SOF Series II Tires

After extensive designing, engineering and testing; the RP Advanced Mobile Systems exclusive SOF Series of Tactical Run-Flat Tires were developed for SXS/ATV/UTV class vehicles.

The extreme terrain conditions experienced by U.S. military forces demanded the highest level of tire payload capability and survivability for critical mission success.

RP SOF Series II Tire
  • Its aggressive tread and top notch construction make it incredibly versatile in austere conditions.
  • A wide contact patch gives it the right amount of traction while mitigating driver feedback.
  • The reinforced sidewall design provides full protection with its unique wrapped tread design.
  • With its 1000+ pound inflated load rating, the tire is no longer the weakest link.
  • The Run Flat (mil std) capability increases operational survivability. Rated in excess of 50 miles at 40mph devoid of air at an impressive 650lbs load for the 12 ply rated Type 1 Series and 950lbs for the Type 2 Series.  The ATV (MV, Grizzly, Thundercat, Outlander, Foreman, etc) designated 8 ply rated Type 1 is Run Flat rated at 300lbs per tire.
  • Tested with 7.62x54 round sidewall and contact tread penetration. RP SOF Series I Tan Tire
  • Its lightweight 8 and 12 ply rating improves acceleration without sacrificing engine output over other excessively heavy run flat solutions.
  • The specially engineered carcass gives a stable ride and increased resistance to external penetration.
  • The Type 1 RP SOF Series 26x9x12 and 26x9x14 sizes and aggressive multi-direction tread pattern makes the Type 1 Run Flat tire unique in comparison to the competitors' limited capabilities and reduces the need for mixed vehicle front/rear tire sizes and mixed spares.
  • The Type 2 RP SOF Series 26x9x12 and 26x9x14 is 1 inch taller than the Type 1 and possesses the same aggressive multi-direction tread pattern with added features to include bead ring sidewall extrusion, heavier duty sidewall construction and ply layup to increase the Run Flat load rating in excess of 1000 lbs and inflated to 1200 lbs.
  • All RP SOF Series tires available in tan and olive drab coloring.  Wheel camouflage through hydrographic layup in multiple patterns also available upon request.
  • RP Advanced newly developed military beadlock wheel rated statically to match the RP SOF Series tire load rating.  This is in excess of commercially rated beadlocks designed for sport application.
SxS LTV Tires

When mounted to the innovative high strength single side RPAMS bead-lock wheel (other manufacturer beadlock wheels also readily available), the RP SOF Series Tactical Tire tire/wheel system provides the ultimate survivability and offroad performance capability available for any class of ATV/LTATV.  This tire and wheel combination will get the job done!

RP Delta FX Tire for Sand Dunes

The all-new RP DELTA FX dune/desert tire is now available. Engineered exclusively for current high horsepower SXS vehicles such as Maverick and Commander. The innovative staggered low profile paddle and centralized blade design allows for high flotation, movement on hard-pack surfaces while minimizing blade wear and exceptional sand traction. The 27x10x14 and 27x13x14 size make this a perfect solution for your sand dunes excursions on most SXS platforms. Call for pricing.

The RP family of tactical tires are used extensively by military and law enforcement organizations.


For more information and dealer inquires, contact CTO Terry Wilmeth  at 971-237-3217 or Nick Mooers at 541-914-7543.

RP SOF Tire Production