As a small, veteran minority owned business, our journey reveals what makes RP Advanced Mobile Systems the company that it is today, which is more than a company that just sells off road tires and UTVs. You’ll discover as you read below that the backgrounds of our cofounders, Terry Wilmeth and Chris Harris, have a very clear connection to our company commitments — to reliability, well-made machinery, and to doing the right thing.

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What we started as in 2009 and the company we’ve become today almost seems like two different companies to the untrained eye … But follow our journey below and you’ll see that though our products have expanded, our company commitments remain unchanged.

  • RP SOF Series iV Magnum 30-inch Tires, Strike-X/X4 & Stirke-D3/D6

    RP Strike-X and X4 | LC-9 NightStrike Landing Craft products are offered The RP SOF Series IV Magnum, 30-inch tire is designed and developed. | The Strike-X and Strike-X4 are developed from the Can-Am Maverick X3. | The Strike-D3 and Strike-D6 are developed from the new Can-Am Defender. | RPAMS partners with Hard Drive Marine to become the exclusive government supplier of the LC-9 NightStrike Landing Craft.

  • RP SOF Spartan Series Tires, Power Banks & Customs/Border Partol

    RP Series IV Magnum Tires | TAA Compliant Emergency Power Banks RPAMS designs and manufactures portable lithium battery power bank/jump starters and TAA Compliant 12V & 24V portalbe power banks to include in vehicle upfits. | RPAMS builds and ships a Strike-M4 to DHS Customs and Border Patrol.

  • RP SOF Spartan Tires Released

    RP Spartan Series Tires Released RP SOF Spartan Series 12-PLY run-flat tires are developed; utilizing wider rear tires in sizes from 25 to 27-inches.

  • New Vehicles, RP SOF Series III Tires Released & Mexico Delivery

    RP autonomous vehcle | Tires RPAMS continue innovating to create two more emergency response vehicles — Strike-C 4x6, Strike-M and Strike-R Rapter (Autonomous Electric). | The RP SOF Series III, 29-inch tire is designed and developed. | The RP SOF Series IV, 27-inch tire (DOT certified) is designed and developed. | RPAMS builds and ships nine Strike-Cs to Mexico Gendarmarie Federales. | RPAMS decides to open their tire and UTV accessories to the retail market through online shopping and tire distributors. | RPAMS develops relationship with a new distributor Esgestra in Colombia.

  • RPAMS New Vehicle Development & Continues to Grow

    RP Emergency Rescue FireStrike-TR RPAMS begins to design and develop emergency response vehicles – StrikeEnforcer, FireStrike-TR, RP C2 (Command & Control). | The RP SOF Series III Tires and RP DELTA FX dune/desert paddle tire are designed and produced. | RPAMS completes research and development on the power extender. | US Military Officially approved and announces the use of RP SOF Tires in all-terrain vehicles.

  • RP Fatigue Mitigation Seat System & RP SOF Tires Tested

    RP Fitigue Mitigation seats | Can-Am vehicle development The RPAMS Fatigue Mitigation Tactical Seat System is designed and developed to combat occupant fatigue. | RPAMS begins developing military UTVs by integrating its modular accessories into BRP Can-Am Vehicles. This is the beginning of the RPAMS vehicle lineup seen today. | Production begins on the RP SOF Series II tires. | Military testing on the SOF Series tires begins and continues approximately every other year.

  • RP SOF Series II Run-Flat Tires Production

    RP SOF Series I Tires Development RPAMS designs and develops its first run-flat tire: The RP SOF Series I available in tan and black; the first tire producted in the RP SOF Series line. | US Military unoffically begins using RP SOF Series I tires in vehicles.

  • RP Advanced Mobile Systems delivers LTATV

    RPAMS Delivers first LTATV to US SOF RP Advanced Mobile Systems builds and delivers highly specialized LTATV class vehicles to US Special Forces and SOF.

  • RP Advanced Mobile Systems Opens for Business

    RP Advanced Mobile Systems begins operation RP Advanced Mobile Systems develops a name for itself in the Special Operations community by designing and developing innovative mobility accessories for tactical ATV/UTV platforms.

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